Day of Mindfulness

A mindfulness booster, to renew or deepen your practice

“A Day of Mindfulness: A Meditation Retreat” Sunday,  9.30am – 4.30pm

It will be a day of “being” versus “doing,”A day of mindfulness is a beautiful gift you can give to yourself. The idea is to spend a whole day in mindful awareness.

This day is dedicated to helping you to renew or deepen your mindfulness practice in a supportive retreat environment. We will focus on the mindfulness attitudes like compassion, beginners mind, non- judgmentally, acceptance, trust, patience & non striving.
We use various exercises to cultivate mindful attention such as sitting meditation, walking, stretching, body scan, eating & lecture.

An entire day of various Mindfulness meditating in silence may not be how you usually fill a Saturday or Sunday, but here’s an opportunity to try something different.


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