Mindful Teachers

'Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself'. - John Dewey

The aim of our 'Mindful Teachers' program would be teaching with mindful awareness.

Teachers are definitely some of the most altruistic and devoted human beings to making a positive difference in children’s lives. However, many of them are not well prepared for the social and emotional demands of today’s classroom. Stressful conditions, like multiple testing, constant preparation or students with severe psychological problems, can lead teachers to feel anxious, discouraged, and burnt-out.

The majority of teachers are trained mostly on content and pedagogy, overlooking the real emotional, social and cognitive demands of teaching itself. Learning and cultivating skills of mindfulness within themselves, can help teachers to promote the calm, relaxed and engaging classroom environment that children need in order to learn. Mindfulness can also help them to become more effective at reducing conflict between students and developing more positive ways of relating in the classroom, which can help them feel a higher job satisfaction.

Benefits for teachers:

  • Better understanding of their emotions

  • More effective communication with students

  • Better management abilities of “difficult” students

  • Creates a positive learning environment

  • Promotes and strengthens the teacher-student relationship

  • In building community

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