Our theory of change

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world". - Robin Williams

Mindful Guatemala offers a wide range of fee-based private programs that make it possible for us to provide an unique one-year programs to at-risk and underserved children and youth in Guatemalan schools and other non-profits organizations, working to train not only the students, but also teachers and staff how to integrate social, emotional and mental well-being strategies through mindfulness in education. 

Mindful Guatemala works with programs like SEE-Learning (social, emotional and ethical learning) and PEM, program of ambassadors of Mindfulness. Based on educating heart and mind.


  • 1 school: 250 students: 25 students per classroom: 1-year mindfulness program: $12 per student


  • Psychometric test to measure impact is applied before the program starts, at the 8-week and 6-month marks and 1 year after the program ends


  • Teachers receive a 6-week mindfulness program, 1 hour a week, before starting the program with the students


  • 1 mindfulness facilitator provides mindfulness co-teaching in the classroom for 35 minutes per class, once a week for 4 weeks


  • Teachers take over the teaching 100% . Guidance and follow-up are provided with the teachers up to one year.


  • The SEE-Learning curriculum includes three domains (Personal, Social, and Systems) and three dimensions (Awareness, Compassion, and Engagement). It also includes a pedagogical model that seeks to lead students from received knowledge to critical insight, and then to embodied understanding. It does this by employing four key learning threads: engaged learning pedagogies, scientific perspectives, critical thinking, and reflective practices.

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