Mindfulness as part of the school curriculum

'Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself'.
John Dewey

Our Mindfulness facilitators are trained in different well known Mindfulness curriculum's like .b curriculum through Mindfulness in schools project UK, Wake Up Schools and Mindful Schools US

Healthy stress is a natural part of life, including childhood. Children and adults alike need to be challenged in order to grow and develop. However, in the modern life & education system, healthy stress is frequently displaced by toxic stress. Toxic stress occurs when life’s demands outpace our ability to cope with those demands.

In students toxic stress impairs attention, emotion and mood regulation, sleep, and learning readiness.

In educators toxic stress starts as decreased productivity and creativity, escalating to more serious symptoms like frequent anxiety, dissociation, frustration, and, eventually, burnout.

Benefits of regular mindfulness practice:

Solid scientific evidence suggests that mindfulness interventions improve attention, self-control, emotional resilience, recovery from addiction, memory and immune response, stress reduction.

We will introduce the basics of mindfulness to children/teens and teachers in a way that is playful and easy to understand.  It guides them in the cultivation of presence; presence of mind, presence of heart and presence in the body.

Teaching can be in English , Spanish, French, Dutch or German, whatever is preferred by the school.

The Mindful Guatemala school Program is based on 6 different but related subjects.

  1. Consciousness of our breathing

  2. Consciousness of our body

  3. Consciousness of our senses and the environment

  4. Consciousness of our emotions

  5. Consciousness of our thoughts

  6. Consciousness of our intentions: being grateful and developing loving kindness

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