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Meet our Mindful Guatemala team

Our mindfulness facilitators

Mindful Guatemala board & staff members are an enthusiastic team, and we all come from very diverse backgrounds. We share the same passion to spread mindfulness throughout Guatemala.
Our Mindfulness facilitators all have many years of Mindfulness practice and several years of experience facilitating Mindfulness.

Stephanie Bianchi

Mindfulness facilitator

Currently back in her home country to share the love, beauty and depth of the practice, Stephanie is inspired daily by the tangible dream of creating sustainable world peace by the cultivation of inner peace. Having lived in 5 different countries in the last 10 years, Stephanie had the unique opportunity to study from different teachers and immerse herself deeply in practices she immediately fell in love with, such as Mindfulness, Meditation, Hatha Yoga & Thai Massage.

Her background in neuroscience and her passion to understand how the mind works, has led her to dwell deeply into  the Mindfulness and Meditation practice, gaining a deeper insight of the brain-mind relationship and its implications in mental health. Co-founder of Mindful Guatemala, Stephanie hopes to keep spreading the peace, light and healing qualities of these practices worldwide and captivate, inspire and empower students to grow towards their greatest potential.

Bachelor in Molecular Biology

Masters in Neurosciences

Certified Hatha Yoga instructor

Vipassana & Mindfulness meditation practitioner

Meditation Coach, Peace Agent and Guatemala Country Coordinator for World Peace Initiative Foundation

Phone number; (+502) 30395697

Heidi Kusters

Mindfulness facilitator

Inspired by many things, including her daughter, the beauty of nature, people and the power of mindfulness & yoga.

She has been guiding numerous people, since 2012, as a professional life coach, mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher.

Guiding people always has been a line through her life. First in social work, later in tourism.

During the last few years the pieces of the puzzle have come together for her.

She is more and more focused on the things she really loves doing

As Co-founder  and Mindfulness facilitator of Mindful Guatemala she keeps getting people into movement, into connection with themselves, inner peace, the present moment and their surroundings.

Her study and learning will never end, it is a constant force that makes her heart and mind stronger.

She is committed to being a lifelong learner.

Yearly training sessions and workshops keep her inspired and allow her to build on the knowledge she already has.

She is looking forward to sharing this all with you.

Certified Mindfulness trainer through Sorag academy The Netherlands

Certified to teach .b curriculum through Mindfulness In Schools Project, England

Bachelor in Social, Pedagogic work

Certified yoga instructor

Life coach level 1

Current: Life-coach level 2 with specialization in Mindfulness

Vipassana & Mindfulness meditation practitioner

Phone number; 57868934