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Words from our clients


I like Mindfulness because it helps me a lot in school, at home and everywhere, for example in when I am in class when I have to concentrate I use Mindfulness, because it helps me. And when I wanna go to bed and I can’t fall asleep I do mindful breathing and it helps me feel more relaxed.


Teens Course

Wonderful class, very insightful and a great introduction to meditation. Would highly recommend for adults and kids.

Jill Bazar Gelman
Adult Course

I took the Mindfulness course and I feel the most important part of it was that miracle second, I guess, when you realize before you completely react, I am still working on it and the 3-minute breathing exercise has helped me come together and not react automatic pilot, but respond in a better way, those two techniques have really really helped me a lot. There are moments where you just want to react to certain situations and I think the whole act of Mindfulness really helps me to pause and just kinda take that moment for me.

Adult Course

“He enjoyed both 8-week courses very much. I feel it is very important from him to have the continuity of doing more than one course. From every course I felt like he got out a little bit more, which made Mindfulness more of a daily practice for him.”

Matteo’s Mom

Kids Course

From my experience on the Mindfulness course, I really wanted Brandon to take the course because I was really impressed from what it did to me. And when I sent him I have to admit I was really impressed with the material, the way it was handled and it was really taught for kids his age and he really enjoyed it and he really understood it, so that’s great!  I really love they are now teaching Mindfulness for a younger population.

Brandons mom
Teens Course