Volunteer with Mindful Guatemala

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Help us in our mission! Mindful Guatemala offers free courses of Mindfulness to empower at risk Guatemala youth and teachers of various non-governmental organizations (NGOs). To combat their daily challenges like:  stress, poverty, alcoholism, physical and sexual abuse by sharing mindfulness through educational programs.

We need your help to spread the benefits of mindfulness throughout these communities. We want to make ourselves known and promote the practice of mindfulness throughout Guatemala.

We welcome volunteers working from your home country or visiting us in Guatemala;

  • Mindfulness teachers that speak Spanish who are able to teach 8 week Mindfulness courses towards Guatemala youth.

  • Mindfulness practitioners that can help us as Mindfulness teachers assistants.

  • Professionals (Psychologist) that are able to help develop our sustainable impact measurement program.

  • Share the word: developing or sharing social media, making videos and pictures, elaboration and design of our web page, distribution of flyers, organizing events management etc.

  • Fundraising in and outside of Guatemala. Organizing compassion/heart-fullness activities to raise funds.

  • Translation of documents (Spanish-English and English-Spanish)

  • We are open for any other ideas, about what we can do to spread Mindfulness in order to increase well being and peace throughout Guatemala

Are you interested? Contact us to receive all of the information and to learn the benefits of joining Mindfulness Guatemala.

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