Why Mindful Guatemala?

'In a world full of doing, doing, doing, it's important to take a moment to just breath, to just be.......'

Mindful Guatemala was born from our enormous desire to expose Guatemalan 'at risk' youth to the valuable tools of mindfulness at an early age, in order to allow them to develop self-awareness and awareness of others and their environment.

Introducing Mindfulness as a lifestyle has had such a positive impact on our lives, that we felt passionate about sharing this with Guatemala’s next generation. Not only to the private market, but sharing directly to the underserved youth in Guatemala.

Soon enough, the need to create spaces where everyone- kids, teens and adults could also learn about Mindfulness practice was evident. It is our purpose to create a holistic and sustainable society of peace. For this reason, we have stabilized ourselves as an NGO, so now we have the opportunity to offer Mindfulness to the private market, but also the non profit market, courses for schools, families, businesses and non-profit organizations.

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