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Day of Mindfulness

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"Non-doing has nothing to do with being 




 Quite the contrary. It takes

great courage and energy to

cultivate non-doing

both in stillness and in activity."

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Do you think you have no time to relax? Do you find it hard to unwind? Or to even catch your breath while running on a busy schedule? Then join us for a Day of Mindfulness.

This one-day silent meditation retreat, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., gives you the opportunity to experience a day of “being”, rather than “doing”. Seen as a mindfulness “booster”, it helps renew or deepen your practice in a supportive retreat environment. Throughout the day there will be sitting and walking meditations, active stretching and body scans, as well as mindful eating. These activities are interlaced with the mindful attitudes of compassion, beginner's mind, non-judgment, acceptance, trust, patience and non-striving. A day of mindfulness is a beautiful gift you can give yourself to help renew and rejuvenate your mindfulness practice.

Here's what are amazing clients have to say about the Day of Mindfulness.


Enjoying a full day of peace, serenity and focusing within was not only a healing process after a hectic week, but an opportunity to gain a richer understanding of mindfulness as a whole, enjoy nature and move. Finding new ways to meditate is wonderful for my peace of mind. And the food was superb!


The Day of Mindfulness was a unique experience that is worth repeating. It gives you the tools to have a fuller life. While being aware of our surroundings, thoughts, feelings, etc., we have the opportunity to observe and appreciate them without judging them and that gives us awareness of how beautiful life is.


I have completed two Days of Mindfulness and have every intention of continuing to attend. Not only does it help my practice, but it helps me feel fully refreshed. The day is full - body scan, meditation, a yummy lunch, sharing and more meditation. I recommend this to anyone who practices meditation, or who has an interest in doing so. Thank you so much!

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