Mindful Kids & Teens

"If every 8 year old in the world is taught


, we will eliminate violence from

the world within 

one generation


- Dalai Lama

Does your child have difficulty in managing emotions or struggle with feelings of anxiety and stress? The goal of bringing mindfulness to children and teens is to better prepare them for life and its varied challenges. Children and youth experience a lot of pressure and theoretic training through school, but there is not much focus placed on developing social and emotional skills. Our kids and teens’ courses are age-appropriate and provide practical and playful ways to learn mindfulness while increasing the ability to: cultivate empathy, manage emotions and train participants’ attention and concentration.

Here's what are amazing clients have to say about our Kids & Teens Programs.


My experience with Mindful Guatemala has been through a course my son recently took. I enrolled him because he tends to lose attention and gets angry very easily. And he has loved the course. I also received feedback during the course and afterwards, people would comment on my son being more serene and affectionate. Of course, it is a team effort, but I feel the course was very helpful for us. It motivates me to continue involving him in these types of opportunities. Once again, thank you Mindful Guatemala.


[Mindfulness] has helped me not be as stressed and control my emotions.  Mindfulness has given me practices to relax, to concentrate and to learn to know myself better both mentally and physically. I didn't like the idea of taking this class to "help" me because I thought that I could control everything on my own.  But now that the classes have ended, I can say that it is one of the best decisions I've made.  It hasn't been easy and I continue to have my battles in putting all I've learned into practice, but I am confident that what I've learned in mindfulness is something that will help me the rest of my life.


I love the way Mindful Guatemala orchestrates their classes, and the patience they have in teaching both adults and kids. I have done all of their courses and have sent both of my children (14 and 8-years-old) to their classes; my oldest has taken the class twice!

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