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5-Week Mindful Eating


"Mindful eating helps us learn to hear what our body is telling us about hunger and satisfaction. It helps us become aware of who in the body/heart/ mind complex is hungry, and how and what is best to nourish it".      

                          -- Jan Chozen Bays

on purpose,


La alimentación consciente (Mindful Eating) es una práctica que permite entender la alimentación desde una perspectiva completa, que permita incluir todas las partes de un ser humano: mente, cuerpo y corazón. Además de esto nos ayuda a integrar los sentidos para atender y entender las señales del cuerpo y sentirnos curiosos a la hora de buscar las respuestas de los alimentos para entenderlos de mejor manera.


Semana 1: Introducción a Mindful Eating y consumo consciente.

Semana 2: Entendiendo mi hambre y los beneficios de Mindful Eating

Semana 3: Ansiedad y alimentación, ¿Cómo manejarlo?

Semana 4: Apetito y saciedad, alimentos y compuestos bioactivos de alimentos que producen saciedad

Semana 5: Componentes sensoriales de los alimentos, satisfacción sensorial

Sesión Privada: Una sesión de mentoría, uno a uno para resolver dudas personales.


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Here's what are amazing clients have to say about the 5-Week Mindful Eating Program.



The program is very well-designed and its results and benefits are tangible. I really liked how each one of our questions and doubts were answered, not only in terms of the quality of information, but also in response to specific situations that each of us were experiencing. Super recommended.


I learned so much in a few weeks! Much more than I expected. Today, I am more aware of the small, but big details that surround me. I can appreciate them and be grateful for them. My goal at the beginning was to know myself, and today I can say that I am on that path. I now have the necessary tools to accept myself and be better with myself to give my best.

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