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4-Week Pillars of Meditation Program

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The need to care for our minds is often overlooked. We all know how to care for our bodies: through exercise, healthy food and sufficient sleep. But what about our minds? Practicing simple meditation techniques will help you quieten your mind, clear your inner world and give you space to think clearly.

Our 4-week Pillars of Meditation Program is an introduction on how to start with meditation. It will provide you with the key skills and meditation techniques to help you on your way to care for your mind.

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"Mindfulness means being 


It means


are doing."

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Here's what are amazing clients have to say about the 4-Week Pillars of Meditation Program.


Wonderful class, very insightful and a great introduction to meditation. Would highly recommend Mindful Guatemala for both children and adults.


The workshop really gives you the tools to be present. The inner peace you receive from this course is priceless! I now reapply what I have learned and know that I enjoy every detail of my life more, things that went unnoticed before. Thank you!

Maria Angeles

Thanks to this course, I discovered a more kind and loving way of relating to myself and others.

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