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is a verb.

- Thich Nhat Hahn

Help us enhance the lives of the next generation. Through mindfulness and other skills, we empower children and young people to gain self-confidence, manage their emotions and stress and become more resilient. These competencies can change their life course and you can help.


For just $15 per student, we are able to provide a one-year, social, emotional and attention learning program at schools and NGOs in Guatemala. As a registered non-profit organization, Mindful Guatemala relies on your generosity to expand our programs to organizations that otherwise could not afford them.

Donate today and help us embed these life skills into the education curriculum.

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How to Donate

In Guatemala

Direct deposit through Banco Industrial

Name of account: ONG Mindful Guatemala


Account number: 220008929-6 (cuenta monetaria)

Outside Guatemala


¡Thank you in advance for supporting us! May you be filled with love. May you always benefit from good health! May you always have enough reasons to smile.

We also welcome volunteers, both who want to work remotely from their home country, or who are living in or visiting Guatemala.  Below are just a few of the ways volunteers can contribute to spreading the value of mindfulness in Guatemala. We also welcome your suggestions on where you feel your skill set would be most valuable.  


Spanish-speaking mindfulness instructors available to teach or train students and/teachers

Mindfulness practitioners to serve as assistants to our mindfulness instructors

Professionals, psychologists and others, to help develop our sustainable impact measurement program

Communication and community managers to develop and manage social media content, create visual content (photographs and videos), website design, event management and general communication

Individuals with interest in fundraising both in and outside of Guatemala, organizing compassion and heart-centered fundraising activities 

Bi-lingual (Spanish/English) individuals to translate documents 

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​Are you interested? Please contact us here to talk about opportunities to collaborate with Mindful Guatemala. 

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