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Yes, we are now 


Explore our new online programs below. Click for more information.

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8-Week Group Online Mindfulness Program
11.b) Online, mindfulness life coaching.
Mindfulness Life
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Private 8-Week Online Mindfulness Course
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Online Teen
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Here's what are amazing clients have to say about our online programs.


I loved mindfulness with Mindful Guatemala! I had read a bit in a book about mindfulness before, but putting into practice added a lot to my daily life. I SUUUPPERRR recommend the program. Here and now.


My husband and I live in Peru in an Amazon village and we took Mindful Guatemala's online course. Everyone says that the answers are within us, but how do you get there?  Mindfulness for me has been the key that opened the door to go within. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.  Thank you.


Highly recommended. A life changing experience! I live in Miami and have been working online with Heidi from Mindful Guatemala learning mindfulness. Her knowledge, inner peace and desire to help others is just amazingly empowering! Now I feel my spiritual growth has reached new levels and it is just the beginning. Thank you Mindful Guatemala.


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