A Bit About Us

Dedicated to sharing Mindfulness tools, to look after the health of the mind.

Mindful Guatemala is an innovative non-profit organization that is dedicated to sharing Mindfulness tools, to look after the health of the mind. The Mindful Guatemala founders had one thing in common; A passionate love for Mindfulness. We all felt that by making Mindfulness a lifestyle, we were able to achieve a more peaceful mind and with an increased well being, and happiness.
Truly, so many reasons to share that with others!
All of us here at Mindful Guatemala had the same idea; "what if we were able to learn these skills at a young age?" Which is why we feel so passionate and dedicated to bringing mindfulness to Guatemala's (at risk) youth

'A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history'.

                                                                                               -Mahatma Gandhi


Our Mission


Our Vision

To provide Mindfulness services with the highest quality and widest coverage from an early age, satisfying the needs of our clients in the area of ​​mental health. We seek to inspire, raise awareness and educate the Guatemalan population to live a full life, with peace and greater well-being, thus contributing to the global culture of sustainable peace.

Value proposition

YEAR LONG MINDFULNESS PROGRAMS FOR AT RISK YOUTH: an investment for Guatemalan success.

What is Mindfulness?

'The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the door to all other moments'.
                            - Thich Nhat Hanh


While the aim of mindfulness is to train our conscious awareness to witness what is occurring in the now, the practice can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand the world inside of us and ourselves better.


By practicing mindfulness you will learn to:

  • Cope with stress, pain, and the challenges of everyday life.

  • Deal with disturbing events with grace and calmness.

  • Be fully present and alive in this moment.

  • Find better emotional balance and feel more alert, stable, clear and peaceful.

  • Improve compassion and social interactions.


Research indicates that mindfulness training can have a significant therapeutic effect for those experiencing stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, chronic pain, migraines, heart conditions, diabetes and other ailments. In addition, participants typically report feeling more alive, and more "in-tune" with themselves and others.


What Mindfulness really means?

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention on purpose in the present moment and non-judgmentally." (John Kabat-Zinn)

It is not a religion nor a synonym of meditation. Yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, attention exercises, body and senses awareness are all different ways to develop mindfulness skills.


Mindfulness is something that anyone can do, no matter your age, who you are, what your backgrounds looks like, or what your living situation is.

It’s all about maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. As well as developing a relationship with our inner observer and learning to make new habits that lead to happiness by retraining our brain.


It is the art to be in the present moment. Other than being in past and future. After all, what else is there? One can worry about the past and the future all they want, but they are both not HERE, for NOW is here only now, in this moment.


What Mindfulness is Not:

  • Not a relaxation exercise

  • Not having an empty mind

  • Not a way to avoid difficulty

  • Not a way to bypass personality problems

  • Not about achieving a different state of mind​


'In a world full of doing, doing, doing, it's important to take a moment to just breath, to just be.......'

Mindful Guatemala was born from our enormous desire to expose Guatemalan 'at risk' youth to the valuable tools of mindfulness at an early age, in order to allow them to develop self-awareness and awareness of others and their environment.

Introducing Mindfulness as a lifestyle has had such a positive impact on our lives, that we felt passionate about sharing this with Guatemala’s next generation. Not only to the private market, but sharing directly to the underserved youth in Guatemala.


Soon enough, the need to create spaces where everyone- kids, teens and adults could also learn about Mindfulness practice was evident. It is our purpose to create a holistic and sustainable society of peace. For this reason, we have stabilized ourselves as an NGO, so now we have the opportunity to offer Mindfulness to the private market, but also the non profit market, courses for schools, families, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Why Mindful Guatemala?

Our theory of change

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world".

                                                                                  - Robin Williams

Mindful Guatemala offers a wide range of fee-based private programs that make it possible for us to provide an unique one-year programs to at-risk and underserved children and youth in Guatemalan schools and other non-profits organizations, working to train not only the students, but also teachers and staff how to integrate social, emotional and mental well-being strategies through mindfulness in education. 

Mindful Guatemala works with programs like SEE-Learning (social, emotional and ethical learning) and PEM, program of ambassadors of Mindfulness. Based on educating heart and mind.


  • 1 school: 250 students: 25 students per classroom: 1-year mindfulness program: $12 per student


  • Psychometric test to measure impact is applied before the program starts, at the 8-week and 6-month marks and 1 year after the program ends


  • Teachers receive a 6-week mindfulness program, 1 hour a week, before starting the program with the students


  • 1 mindfulness facilitator provides mindfulness co-teaching in the classroom for 35 minutes per class, once a week for 4 weeks


  • Teachers take over the teaching 100% . Guidance and follow-up are provided with the teachers up to one year.


  • The SEE-Learning curriculum includes three domains (Personal, Social, and Systems) and three dimensions (Awareness, Compassion, and Engagement). It also includes a pedagogical model that seeks to lead students from received knowledge to critical insight, and then to embodied understanding. It does this by employing four key learning threads: engaged learning pedagogies, scientific perspectives, critical thinking, and reflective practices.

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