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About Us


"In a world full of doing, doing, doing, it's important to take a moment 


to just



to just

- Unknown

Having experienced the positive impact of a mindful lifestyle on our own lives, we feel passionate about sharing these valuable skills with Guatemalans. So, we founded Mindful Guatemala, a pioneer in bringing mindfulness to Guatemala and Central America.

Mindful Guatemala is a non-governmental organization. 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn mindfulness skills as they are key to integrating a person’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing. By offering private programs, we are able to give mindfulness training to underserved children, their teachers and caregivers. These social programs enable us to reach a wider community, nurture a mindful lifestyle and work towards a more compassionate society.


We develop and offer high-quality mindfulness products and programs. These include components of mental, emotional, social and ethical learning. Our methodologies and tools allow us to reach a broad audience, at an educational, organizational and individual level, in person and virtually.


We firmly believe inner peace is possible even in the midst of chaos!


Mindful Guatemala wants to be a leader in promoting the knowledge and practice of mindfulness in Guatemala, as well as in Central America. Through this we aim to transform organizations, the education system and people in general.

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