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Mindful Business Program




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- Mark Strand

Happy and balanced people result in a stronger workforce. Many companies like Google, Apple and Intel Corp are using mindfulness to help their employees create a more positive and harmonious work environment. This translates into tangible business benefits. Even North American NBA and NFL teams are calling on mindfulness experts to help their elite athletes deal with performance pressure, leaving behind past results to be present in the current moment of play.


Mindful Guatemala brings easy-to-use meditation and mindfulness techniques to the workplace. Each program is designed to fit the unique atmosphere of your business or organization, leading to change in your organization and the world. 

We have 2 to 16 hour programs. These can include the following topics and are designed according to your needs: 

Mindfulness, Stress Management and Productivity

How Mindful Self-Management leads to Mindful Leadership


Mindfulness, Communication and Team Building


Mindfulness, Creativity and Innovation

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Here's what are amazing clients have to say about our Mindful Business Programs.

Jimena Benitez - Founder and Director of UnityFit

It is very valuable to have the Mindful Guatemala team as our ally in offering Mindfulness talks and workshops to our cooperative clients. They have helped us contribute to reducing stress in work teams, controlling anxiety, developing a meditation practice and motivating teams to enjoy life and the present moment.


It is not a secret that entrepreneurs and business-people have to be able to withstand pressure and uncertainty in the different stages of business development and at the same time, juggle multiple issues and keep them under control. Mindful Guatemala's meditation program for business is an essential part of our acceleration programs for entrepreneurs and business-people. The program excellently provides an opportunity for networking between different people, but more than anything, it gives us practical and useful tools to really superimpose entrepreneurs’ challenges, many of which start in the mind.

Edwin -  Accelerator Program Manager at Pomona Impact
Nery - General Manager at Fair Fruits

I recommend Mindful Guatemala's business program to anyone looking to improve teamwork, emotional management, stress reduction and to handle difficult conversations and improve well-being in general! The facilitators are very sure of what they teach and are very professional. They give and stimulate a lot of confidence, are very charismatic and their passion for mindfulness and for sharing it is evident.


Contact us directly to get more information and express interest in this program!

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