Social Programs

Mindful Guatemala’s social programs provide tools for social and emotional learning to underserved children and youth in Guatemalan schools and other non-profit organizations. We use internationally recognized curriculums, such as SEE Learning™ developed by Emory University and the Mindfulness Ambassador program from Mindfulness Without Borders, to train students and teachers in awareness practices to help them better understand and manage their emotions and stressful situations.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to 

change the world


- Nelson Mandela

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Here's what are amazing clients have to say about our programs.

Vicky - Founder & Executive Director of Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans 

We think of stress as being a first world problem. But Mayan women who live in poverty struggle to feed their children everyday. The moms at Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans were very grateful to learn meditation practices through Mindful Guatemala to help manage their stress. They found the experience so valuable that they plan to share it with other members of their families.

Katie - Founder and Executive Director of Suenos

The mindfulness training for Sueños staff was originally meant to help them in implementing the SEE curriculum for the first time, however it had a much deeper impact on our organization. Our staff attended 6 intimate mindfulness sessions and used the space to process powerful emotions, examine important processes currently going on in their lives and to bond as a team. As one of our staff members put it, ‘I’d thought about going to a psychologist, but this process is like that for me, only better.’ Only our full-time staff was able to participate in these trainings due to timing, but they have requested that our part-time staff receive similar training given all of the benefits they’ve received. The practice of mindfulness and meditation has impacted Sueños so much that at the end of the course, we decided to take on a daily 20-minute meditation practice and reflection inspired by the program. We are currently on day 6 and spend an hour and a half every day dedicated to meditation and reflection related to our feelings and experiences.


We need your support to expand our programs to organizations that otherwise could not afford them. By donating or participating in our private programs, you help strengthen Guatemala’s education system and cultivate a society of peace.