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Mindfulness-Based Birth Preparation Workshops

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"We have a 

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It's not that birth is painful, It is that

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-Laura Stavoe Harm

Giving birth is a remarkable life event. Yet many feel anxious about the pain that accompanies it.

The Mindfulness-Based Birth Preparation Workshop is an adaptation of the comprehensive Mindfulness-Based Parenting and Childbirth (MBCP) program designed 20 years ago by American midwife, Nancy Bardacke.

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During the workshop, we focus on mindfulness techniques and tools to prepare your mind and body for delivery.

You will learn how to deal with pain, how to stay present in the moment and embrace the sensations of labour.

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Having greater confidence in your ability and that of your body will positively impact the delivery.

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Here's what are amazing clients have to say about the Mindfulness-Based Birth Preparation Workshop


I found the workshop very practical. The tips and tools help mothers to learn more about their baby’s arrival. What I liked most was the phases of labor and the types of contractions and poses for labor and pregnant women.


I really liked the workshop. It was very ditactic and gave good advice and examples. What helped me the most were the yoga poses for pain management.


I loved it. The modality was comfortable for me with exercises and videos. I really liked the affirmations and communication for couples around fear.


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